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TOO Episode 99- The World Theatre

January 24, 2022 Adam Marple and Budi Miller Season 3 Episode 99
The Theatre of Others Podcast
TOO Episode 99- The World Theatre
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In this episode, Adam and Budi discuss a prompt from a dear friend, Pål Louis Kaupang Rasmussen, about including other stories outside of the Euro-centric Western model in theatre education.

Mentioned in this episode:

Oslo National Academy of the Arts
Jesus hopped the ‘A’ Train 
Theatre of Others YouTube Live 
bell hooks
Slave Play
Wole Soyinka
Death of the Kings Horseman
Ngũgĩ wa Thiong'o
Lynn Nottage
Dominique Morisseau
David Henry Hwang
August Wilson
Amiri Baraka (formally Leeroy Jones) 
The Festival D’Avingnon
Edinburgh International Festival
Singapore International Festival of the Arts

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