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TOO Episode 76- Audio New Play Festival, Kristina Pakhomova's THIEF

September 06, 2021 Kristina Pakhomova Season 2 Episode 76
The Theatre of Others Podcast
TOO Episode 76- Audio New Play Festival, Kristina Pakhomova's THIEF
Show Notes

Thief is based on real stories about post-natal depression. Framed as an interview via WhatsApp audio messages conducted by the author, a conversation becomes a confession of 3 women about their challenging and dark experiences of motherhood. In making Thief, we invited women to put their voices to the largely undivulged experience of post-natal depression with the promise of anonymity, on one condition: speak candidly. Thief is a characterization of all the stories collected. Expressed through the views of four women from different walks of life. Fictional, but refreshingly raw.

“...So many fears… I need to protect her from so many things...And teach her so many things. Before, I only taught myself. Why nobody warned or said how awful this is  going to be? I feel cheated…”

Written and directed by Kristina Pakhomova 


Helen: Emma Wood

Tasha: De Xin Chia

Poline: Sophia Assaadi

Husband: Jon Cancio

Mother: Irina Anderson

Kristina Pakhomova as herself 

Composer | Sound Designer |  Sound Engineer: Jack Burmeister

Special thanks to all the women who shared their stories.

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Kristina Pakhomova, is an international actress, theatre producer, writer, founder, and director of her own creative theatre company in Hong Kong “KrisP. Production” ( )

Being trained in both traditional and contemporary theatre in Russia, Asia, and Europe Kristina is always interested in experimenting with different performance techniques, genres, and styles, exploring the possibilities of performance. She likes art that is daring, adventurous, and multidisciplinary. With KrisP Kristina hopes to give other creatives, who struggle to find their voices, the opportunities too.

Her last written play Lady Death was successfully produced in Hong Kong last December 2019. Kristina’s most recent appearance as an actress was in a feature film Mother Tongue directed by Mike Figgis, Feature film Hong Kong 1942 by Mccourry Films, a theatre play Discord Of Discourse, performed at The Camden Fringe Festival in London, in two one-woman shows Dark Room and What’s Wrong With Me? written, directed, produced and performed by Kristina in Singapore and Hong Kong.

Kristina is also a facilitator of her own acting and creative workshops and feels very honored being able to share her knowledge about acting and theatre-making with actors in Russia, Hong Kong, and Singapore