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TOO Episode 72: The Top 5 (part 1)

August 23, 2021 Adam Marple and Budi Miller Season 2 Episode 72
The Theatre of Others Podcast
TOO Episode 72: The Top 5 (part 1)
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In this episode, Adam and Budi discuss the top 5 theatre productions that influenced them as theatre makers, what they learned from them, and how it changed them.

Mentioned in this episode:

Dan Andrews
New Administrative Capital
Zabbaleen and Trash City
Jean-Guy Lecat
Tina Landau
The Diary of Anne Frank
Anne Bogart and Tina Landau's The Viewpoints Book
Christopher Bayes
Experimental Theatre Wing
Ubu Roi
Christina Wistari Formaggia
Gambuh Drama Tari Bali
Theatre du Soleil
Les Ephemere
Einstein on the Beach
Robert Wilson
Philip Glass

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Quarantine and Egypt
The Top 5
Break 1
The Diary of Anne Frank
Ubu Roi
The Unknown Thai play
Break 2
Les Ephemeres
Einstein on the Beach
Break 3
Questions and Provocations