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TOO Episode 58: Conversation with Director Shadi Ghaheri

May 31, 2021 Adam Marple and Budi Miller with guest Shadi Ghaheri Season 2 Episode 55
The Theatre of Others Podcast
TOO Episode 58: Conversation with Director Shadi Ghaheri
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In this episode, Adam and Budi speak with director Shadi Ghaheri about her career as an immigrant theatre-maker, how language plays a key role in how we view the future, and why archiving is vitally necessary now.

Shadi Ghaheri is a Theatre/Film director, choreographer, and writer from Tehran, Iran based in New York City. She has directed, Mother Courage (Hunter College), Tosca Tehran (Rough Draft), Fen (Columbia University), Untitled (Rattlestick Theatre), Lucretia (HERE), Last Days of Judas Iscariot (Williams College), Shahr-e-Farang (Spectrum NYC), Death of Yazdgerd, Titus Andronicus (Yale School of Drama). Other Credits, The Slow Sound of Snow (Yale Cabaret). She co-curated a four-play season, directing Trojan Women, and Lear (Yale Summer Cabaret). Also, she co-founded and co-curated Emruz Festival, and co-founded Peydah Theatre Company. Shadi was a 2016 Paul and Daisy Soros Fellow, the 2018 directing fellow at Rattlestick Playwright Theatre, and the winner of Robert L.B. Tobin Director-Designer Showcase 2019.

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