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TOO Episode 115 - The Solo Performance

May 15, 2022 Adam Marple and Budi Miller Season 3 Episode 115
The Theatre of Others Podcast
TOO Episode 115 - The Solo Performance
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In this episode, Adam and Budi discuss Solo Performance and the difference between Performance Art and Theatre, and how great Solo Performance requires a dedicated team of people to make the one person shine.
Mentioned in this episode:

Marcel Duchamp
Marina Abramovic
Annabel Chong
Anna Deveare Smith
Twilight 1992 
Extreme Exposure
Eric Bogosian
Guillermo Gomez Pena
Mike Daisey
Roger Guenveur Smith
A Huey P Newton story
Slava's snow show
Lily Tomlin
Search for Signs of Intelligent Life in the Universe
Sandra Bernhard and Mariah Carey
Whoopi Goldberg
John Leguizamo
Latino History for Moron's
Patti Labelle and Cyndi Lauper
Scott Mann's Last Out
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Solo Artist vs. Performance Artist
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Solo needs a team
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